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Fishing Oman

Fishing Oman

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Queen Fish World Record with Fishing Oman

.. not formally weighed in, because of giving it a safe release back to sea.

at22.15 kg

22.14kg World Record Queen Fish(Fishing Oman)
Fishing Oman Anglers
Angler with Fishing Oman


Established since 2009, we can proudly say we are one of the first fishing charters in the area. Let us help you in providing the best trips and tours available for the worlds best anglers and nature lovers, fully packed with action and surely a new experience for many of our guests. Famous for its nature, beautiful coasts and marine life, and warm hospitality, Oman will be a place you will never forget after experiencing it to the fullest. We provide Fishing tours with our latest model boats and gadgets in the village of Hasik and the Hallaniyat islands for the more experienced anglers, Dolphin tours in Ras Noos by boat, shore fishing in many hot spots, and camping in many different places according to the season and requests, and enjoying the traditional farm by the sea for relaxation and bbq’s and more. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, our tours will make your dreams come true. You will live a unique experience in an optimal comfort away from mass tourism


Hasik is situated in Sadah, Dhofar, Oman, its geographical coordinates are 17° 22' 0" North, 55° 17' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Ḩāsik. Positioned at the most eastern end of the Dhofar coast before the cliffs of Jebel Samhan interrupt, Hasik is a two-hour drive from Salalah and worth the journey more than the destination. The road is adventurous and beautiful specially in summer, when clouds drop down from the jebel and high winds whip across the water, sending the surf backwards as the waves roll inexorably forwards, a view that many haven’t seen before. Hasik itself is considered a very old fishing village, virgin in wildlife and scenery compared to many other places. You can experience extreme fishing possibilities there, since it’s a grazing ground for many marine species. Many prized game fish are available through most times of the year, like Giant Trevallies, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tunas, Amberjacks, Blue fish and much more! The best fishing spots are all around the Hallaniyat islands (formerly known as Kuria Muria) and the closest one is Haskiya (max 30 minutes by boat). This area is so fascinating that it is considered to be one of the top ten places on the globe for fishing for all kinds of fish including the famous GT trevallies with popper. Don’t miss this rare opportunity of GT fishing in Oman! Indeed, the absence of industrial trawling allows the aquatic species to flourish freely. This preservation of the seabed is closely monitored by the public authorities who make every effort to conserve the richness of its crystal clear waters. The strategic location of our lodge in Hasik offers easy acces to the Hallaniyat islands, which are one of the last untouched fisheries in the world.

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Fishing Season

The best time to go fishing in Hasik and the Hallaniyat islands (generally in the southern region) is from September until April. However, the months of October, November, March and April are the best to hope to catch GT trevallies so gigantic that you will make record catches. December and January are usually windy but fishing is still very good. May till August is the monsoon season, high winds and waves make it very difficult to go to the islands, but we do have some customers that want a close to the village fishing trip. But of course its not as good as the season. No matter what month in the season you decide to make your trip, you will come face to face with a quantity of fish wriggling in crystal clear waters in all seasons. The types of fish available are astounding, you can fish monster Groupers, strong Barracudas, Serioles, Huge Emperors, Tassergals , Queen fish, Canes, Pompanos, Sea breams, Bonito, Trevally, Dorado dolphins, Wolf herring, Yellowfin, Longtail, Seabreams, Tassergals, and the list goes on!


Our company owns 2 villas , 1 for smaller groups (upto 6 people) and the other (upto 9) so in total we can have upto 15 people. Our villas have gardens and sitting areas for relaxation and enjoying early morning or evening drinks and even bbq’s, and the house is fully furnished with clean furniture. Rooms have their own toilets fully furnished, satellite tv, free high speed WiFi, and daily housekeeping. A big living room with a TV, and also free laundry service. Comfort and cleanliness is guaranteed for our guests.

Meals & More

We have a wide variety of choices for our guests to make them feel as close to their wants as possible. Our chef is very experienced in local and international dishes. A nice breakfast will be served before the trip out to sea, a light lunch will be served on the boat with the drinks, and at night a hardy, fresh dinner (most guests want their catch to be served on the plate) over all, we are sure you will love it! Special requests are taken into consideration all the time.


If anglers and guests feel like having a day off to rest, or the weather was not on their side and the trip had to be cancelled, we always have substitute plans for them. We have a choice of shore fishing in some very beautiful spots, or a trip to our oasis, hiking, camping, or even a day of relaxation in our tropical beach farm, that has all kinds of exotic fruit trees, local birds and a perfect place for a dip in the pool, or open fire BBQs in our traditional shed. All in all… we promise it will be an experience our guests will never forget!


We plan out pick up from Salalah airport, all the way to Hasik and back, plus all the local drives needed to move around. We have 4x4 SUV’s that can take big groups anywhere, air conditioned, fully maintained and comfortable. For groups of more than 6 guests, Bigger transport like buses can be provided. Drivers are experienced and safety always comes first.

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